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Are you ready to empower your multiracial child to have a positive self-identity and love their unique heritage

despite the challenges of living in a racially divided world?



Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You've given your child the gift of private school, tutors & and safe neigborhood, but they lack diversity.

  • You can't quite figure out your child's curly hair routine.  You constantly fight dryness, frizz and tangles.

  • Your child comes home from school and complains they were teased because of their textured hair and you're worried it will affect their self-confidence.

  • You struggle to talk with your kids about race. It is uncomfortable and you aren't sure the right words to use.

  • You are afraid they won't know the other half of their culture.

  • You are fearful of the world in which we live and think the worst case scenario if your child is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • You lose sleep worrying about your child's future, knowing he/she does not have equal privileges in our society.

“Elizabeth and Christina are THE BEST! What I enjoyed most about working with them is their genuine openness and willingness to help in any way they can. I don’t know what I would do without them. They are so knowledgeable and make the classes so inviting and comfortable. I’m truly grateful to both of them.”

- Emily

Hey, exhausted friend, I hear you.

  • You've read blogs and eBooks on how to raise a multiracial child, but you feel more confused than ever, trying to go from how to moisture curls to build self-worth in a child of more than one ethnicity, with no one to help you on the journey.
  • You've listened to your family members that make racist remarks and you know the negative effects it will have on your child.
  • You wonder if you are doing everything you can to fully support your child's mixed race identity.
  • You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order, and you had a way you could just ask questions when you need to.

“Thank you so much!! I will start setting these suggestions on how to support my nephew’s biracial identity into motion. I also appreciate you pointing out that how he chooses to identify might change because I probably would have gotten worried!! Thank you again!”

- Bridget

"Never underestimate your power as a parent to make your child feel protected and validated!”

- Dr. Jenn Noble, Psychologist for Mixed Race Teens

Imagine taking 9 months to implement a doable  plan to nurture your multiracial child successfully and it lasting a lifetime, to be passed down generation to generation....

  • Having a holistic approach to raising a mixed kid in a world that is unjust because of color.
  • What it will feel like when you no longer fear your child walking out the door.
  • Picture having the ability to fully prepare them for the world and ensure their success.
  • What would it feel like to know with confidence that when your child leaves the nest, you've already applied and practiced the right methods for navigating any discriminatory situations that could negatively impact their life.



I have no doubt you're ready to do anything it takes to protect your multiracial child and ensure they achieve the life you desire for them and they deserve.  One full of equal opportunities, fair treatment and no judgement.  If you don’t have a plan to follow, guidance and support, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes and you won't realize until it's too late to know if you are making the right decisions.  



You're asking yourself questions like...

  • How can I possibly ensure my child's well being, when mental health is such problem for teenage and adult mixed race children?
  • How do I recognize the cause of my child acting out from just being a typcial kid to it being related to 'mixed kid problems'?
  • How important is my child's hair to their culture when it's not something I was raised to know?
  • Not if, but when something catches me off guard, how can I best respond so my child comes first?
  • How can I provide diversity when I don't have an option to move and the school is not supportive?


These questions are EXACTLY why we created:

"Educate, Empower, Advocate:
Holistically Nurturing Your Multiracial Child"

The only program designed to assist in nurturing + empowering your children to embrace their unique heritage without worrying about being alienated from society ---simply because they look different!


“I’m a single mom raising my 6 year old biracial son in a predominantly white community. Sometimes I feel clueless. THANK YOU for sharing your stories and knowledge!” - Molly

“Wow. Thank you so much! You have no idea how helpful this is! My kiddo has the most amazing, beautiful hair but she’s nearly 10 and it’s getting a little coarse and she is comparing herself to her classmates and not loving her hair. Puberty and then on top of it starting to hate her hair? NO THANKS! Your advice is going to get her back to loving her amazing hair. Thanks so much!!!!” 

- Jennifer

Life BEFORE completing our program:

  • You feel like 'it's just hair' and do not realize it's their identity, their sense of belonging and they WILL ENCOUNTER RACISM.
  • You understand racism exists, but are not taking action to create change in a world that is set up to fail your child.
  • You are caught off guard when someone makes a derogatory comment regarding your multiracial child.  You stress, forget to check on how your child is feeling and can't sleep - worrying about it happening again.
  • You're fearful of your child's safety when in public spaces and terrified of your child encountering police.

Life AFTER completing our program:

  • You realize the importance of caring for your child's multi textured hair and to teach him/her to love it.
  • You are a change maker.  You know every little pebble thrown into the ocean of racism will create a path for your child's future.
  • You are completely confident in responding to microaggressions your family faces.  You have the tools and total confidence to respond in a way that would make your child proud of you and their identity.

"Such discrimination is, of course, confusing and frustrating, and has been linked to depression, low self-esteem, and lack of social connectedness"

- (Salahuddin & O’Brien, 2011).

Let's break down what's included:

Phase 1: Accept

We must learn how to accept our history and be honest about our privilege in order to build a successful life for our children who will never have the same advantages in this world.

  • Accept the racist society that we cannot change.
  • Accept that there are habits and thoughts that we need to unlearn.
  • Accept that our child is a different skin color than us and the world sees that.
  • Accept that your child's beautiful multi-textured hair is unique and can easily be managed with the right methods.
  • Implement real-life tactics that help us to make these changes.


Phase 2: Align

Become knowledgeable about what your child will experience as a human from more than one culture. Understand how stereotypes, health disparities, and identity lines up with your multiracial child’s life.

  • Help your child embrace their identity through activities where they can learn their culture, family traditions, and heritage.
  • Learn the health concerns that can be life threatening to your child's ethnic background.
  • See how stereotypes will negative effect your child's mental health and what you can do to make them resilient in this journey.


Phase 3: Apply

We must apply daily activities into our lives that are intentional and specifically tailored to meet the needs of our multiracial children.

  • Through internal work taught in this program, you will have the proven methods to ensure your child is becoming confident and feels seen and heard.
  • By applying our intentional methods, you will see improvements within 30 days of this program.
  • Our unique application for creating a successful curly hair routine is parent tested and approved!


"Studies illustrate a group of people who struggle with questions of identity and where to fit in, often feeling external pressures to “choose” a side. There’s evidence that mixed-race people have higher rates of mental health issues and substance abuse, too.”

- By Vox First Person

You can do this program from anywhere in the world, and on your schedule.

  • You can complete the course lessons from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an Internet connection!
  • The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And you'll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.
  • During the hair care portions, you can follow along and practice on your child, a doll, or mannequin head to get your perfect rhythm.  Replay and pause videos as many times as you need.


How long does it take to complete the program?

  • The honest answer is, it depends on you and your current situation. Most of our students are able to finish EEA in 6 months.

  • Others might take a few extra months to complete EEA. There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, because we know you are busy parents and have worked in extra months to ensure your success.  Remember, this isn't a "quick fix" by any means.

  • We recommend you set aside 2-4 hours per week to go through the program and implement the assignments.

There has never been a better time to start EEA.

Why start today instead of waiting another 6 months to a year for enrollment to open again?

Starting now will allow you to:

  • See a transformation in your child's curly hair routine within just 30 days.

  • Lower your stress and anxieties of your child's safety with our step-by-step guides.
  • Immediately implement methods for modeling how to respond to situations for your child.

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now. 6 months from now, you’ll wish you had started today!

How do I know if I am a fit for the EEA?

You are ready to take this course if:

  • You are ready to fully support your multiracial child in growing up in their unique identity.
  • You’ve been through difficult and racists situations and feel you could improve the way you respond.
  • You acknowledge it's much easier to raise healthy children vs cure broken adults.
  • You don’t know what the right formula is for your child's beautiful curly hair routine, but you want them to fully embrace their texture.
  • You want to create an amazing environment in all areas of your life — and your childs.
  • Even though you’re overwhelmed, you want to do everything in your power to meet your multiracial child's unique needs.

You are NOT ready to take this course if:

  • You are not ready to change your thoughts and views on race and you want to raise your child to be colorblind.
  • You want a quick fix.
  • You do not realize an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  • You’re unwilling to learn new skills.
  • You’re set in your ways and aren’t open to changing your thoughts.
  • You're not ready to put in the work to create a supportive environment for your child.


Apply For "Supporting Your Multiracial Child:
Invaluable Tools for Cultivating Their Identity"

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Meet Your Instructors


Proud momma to 4 beautiful biracial daughters.  My passion is helping other parents create a successful curly hair routine and use intentional parenting techniques to build resilient kids in this racially divided world.

Before my children were born, I had 10 years of being in an interracial relationship, with many stares, comments, and judgement.  When my daughters were born, I ended up facing so much more…

Like most parents, I realized that their unique hair texture needed extra tender, love and care, so I was adamant about developing my own methods for teaching my daughters to fully love and embrace their healthy and now - ‘easy to manage’ curls.  Then, after much discrimination, racist remarks and sterotypes, I realized our children need so much more than just the proper hair care.

Our children need to feel valued, supported, and celebrated in their unique identities.  We need to create a space for them to have a sense of belonging.  We need to know how to respond to microaggressions, intersectionality, and privilege.  This is why we’ve create an intentional parent method for parents of multiracial children.



I have 3 amazing biracial children, and I believe you can raise mixed children who feel empowered by their unique heritage.

I believe you can raise multiracial children who love feel empowered by their unique heritage.

After I had my first daughter, my eyes were opened so much more to the racial injustices people of color faced.

I realized not being overtly racist wasn’t enough to help my biracial child thrive in a world where most of society would view her as “less than” simply because of the color of her skin.

After I had my son I knew I needed to do the internal work to acknowledge my white privilege and become truly anti-racist.

My goal the last several years has been to help other parents with mixed kids do the same.

I’ve been helping parents confidently care for their mixed kids hair and empower their identity since 2017.