A safe community where parents of multiracial kids can share, connect and learn about all things mixed.  Our goal is to share our knowledge and years of research so you gain the benefits without all the trial and error.

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you feel like you aren’t sure where to start with supporting your child’s unique biracial identity?
  • Do you feel lost when it comes to their hair care?
  • Do you struggle with cultural differences with your child’s other parent and their side of the family?

You’re not alone Mixed Kids Corner is the community you’ve been looking for!

Imagine waking up everyday with confidence that you know exactly how to care for you kids mixed hair.


Imagine feeling confident that you're raising biracial kids who loves their unique heritage.

A Safe Space

A judgement free space for parents to talk about race, social issues and issues we face raising biracial families.  As a member, you are family.


Trainings and lives including: how to manage curly hair, talking to our kids about being mixed and special guests!

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Free downloads (mixed hair tips, curly hair journal, workbooks), discounts on products, and access to a library of all of the lives/trainings hosted.

“Thank you for putting your trials, errors, & successes out here for those looking for answers!” - Dana


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"This group is so amazing!  I posted about not knowing how to braid, and someone from Admin literally did a live call with me to show me."

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Christina is the founder of raisingbiracialbabies.com and has 3 beautiful biracial children, two daughters and a son.

She believes you can raise mixed kids who feel empowered by their unique heritage.

When she was pregnant with her first child, she was worried that she didn’t know enough to raise a confident mixed child and wondered how she would learn to take care of her hair. As for styling her hair, it felt impossible and overwhelming to even contemplate trying to put it in a protective hairstyle!

After talking about these issues with her husband and other people of color, along with A LOT of her own trial and error, she learned everything from mixed hair care so her kids would grow up feeling proud of their natural hair, to including more diversity into their everyday lives, and more.

She’s been helping parents, grandparents, and guardians who have biracial kids, confidently care for their children’s hair and empower their children since 2017.


Beth is the founder of Girls with da Curls YouTube Channel and mother to 4 gorgeous, mixed race daughters - ages 6, 4, 4 and 2.

Her motto is Confident Curls Create Confident Girls and she is on a mission to ensure all curly girls love their gorgeous curls and are confident in how to manage them.

She first learn how to do protective styles when she ran track and field at her high school  She would braid her teammates hair for the upcoming races.

Her self-taught skills paid off when she was blessed with 4 biracial curly girls.  Although at first, she had no idea how useful those styles would be.  While first learning how to moisturize, hydrate, detangle and define the perfect curl.  She realized they didn't stay perfect for long and she'd spend days detangling 4 heads of hair.  All of which, lead to split ends, breakage and loss of moisture.

She now teaches other parents and caregivers her own methods and strategies for managing each childs unique textures and curl patterns.  Even though a wash and go is her favorite look for her daughters, her go-to styles ensure healthy, hydrated, tangle-free and moisturized curls.  

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